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Rhinoplasty is considered by many surgeons to be one of the most challeging procedures in Plastic Surgery.  I disagree.  I think it is one of the most predictable operations in all of Plastic surgery.  In contrast to the breast and the body, the nose, like the ears, changes very little with time.  The architecture is very straightforward, and in general there is a sense of anatomic predictability about the nose.  It varies very little from person to person, despite our different ethnic backgrounds.  There are mild variances in the texture and thickness of the skin, as well as the amount of glandular tissue present in the tip.  The position of the radix, the dominance of the dorsum, the columella height, the definition of the tip, the orifice of the nasal passage and the ala contribute to varying attributes that constitute the character and ethnic context of the nose.  While it is not "one size fits all", it does not have the wide variance in form and function seen with breast and body procedures that tend to change with the effects of time and gravity.

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