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This patient previously underwent a Fleur-de-Lis abdominoplasty 3 years previously.  The patient presented with complaints of the unusual abdominal scar inthe area above the mons, and the residual rolls of excess skin and fat in the waist, the medial thigh, the braline and the upper back area.  In addition, the breast had been repaired with a Benelli Mastopexy and implant augmentation to re-establish lost volume.  Unfortunately, the procedure on the breast was complicated by recurrence of the ptosis.  

A series of operations were required to reconstruct the patient and produce the results on the left.  This required the very complicated work of undoing the prior abdominal surgery and reducing the girth of her waistline.  In addition, the medial thigh area and the mons pubis were greatly improved beyond her prior expectations.  

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